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Tanker Truck Explosions

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Tanker Truck Explosion For more than 40 years, the DeVoto Law Firm has successfully investigated and litigated gas tanker explosion claims and has recovered millions of dollars for injured victims. If you or a loved one is a victim of such an occurrence, it’s imperative that you hire an experienced gasoline tanker explosion lawyer IMMEDIATELY so that crucial evidence is secured. An experienced lawyer with a team of forensic engineers and mechanics knows just what to look for among the remnants of the truck, tanker and engine to prove causation, a key element to your case for recovery.

Anatomy of a tanker truck explosion in St. Louis

Trucks that deliver fuel present different negligence issues than do cases of St. Louis natural gas explosion. Tractors used to haul fuel tankers are sometimes equipped with a pump to offload the fuel. The pump is powered by the tractor’s diesel engine through the use of a power take-off (PTO), which shifts engine power from the drive shaft to the pump. The PTO has its own throttle and the driver can set the RPMs of the engine for maximum efficiency of the pump.

A diesel engine operates by compressing air to create heat to ignite the fuel in its combustion chamber. Therefore, it must breathe in air to operate. Under ordinary circumstances the more throttle a driver gives the engine, the more diesel fuel is pumped into the combustion chamber. But if gasoline vapors escape from the tank field, a leak, or an overfill of a tank, the diesel engine’s breather will ingest gasoline vapor with the normal air. The more vapor the engine ingests, the faster it runs and the more vapor it ingests. If there’s sufficient vapor in the air, the engine will overspeed.

At this point the engine’s fuel pump will shut itself off or cease to function. Though the only source of fuel is the vapor, in less than a minute, the engine will be running so fast it will actually scream. The driver will assume something is wrong with the PTO and try to shut off the pump or turn off the engine. However, since the engine is no longer running on diesel fuel, those efforts will be futile.

Ultimately, an overspeed causes “valve float,” where both the intake and exhaust valves remain open simultaneously. Hot exhaust vapors cross over to the intake manifold where they contact the vapor-laden air, and an explosion ensues. The poor driver may be severely burned, often to the point of death. The tractor and tanker will go up in flames and, in the worst case, the tank field and surrounding business are engulfed in the conflagration.

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